Coaching for high performance agents

Our sales leaders have one mandate and that's to grow our agents

Our Atlas sales leaders are dedicated, non-selling coaches. Their sole purpose is to grow agents and their business. They are committed to the whole office, ensuring we enrich the agent experience whilst helping them reach their ultimate potential.

Benefit from on-demand training

We understand the pressure and constraints of modern life, so we have developed a self-paced training platform which is fun and suits all learning styles whether you’re just starting out, or looking to refresh your skills or approach.

Develop a business plan

We work with all our agents to develop a bespoke business plan that will set you up for success. This will become the roadmap for your weekly coaching sessions ensuring you stay on track with your goals and aspirations.

Access specialised coaches

Tap into our wide range of skill sets and expertise across our leadership team. From mind-set, super charging performance, team growth, business planning, skills development and much more.

Fast track your career

Our passion is your growth and most agents aren’t aware of all of the possibilities. Not only will we educate you, but we also have the formula to help get you to wherever you want to be.

Receive regular team training

We understand to reach mastery you must continue to work on your art. Our monthly training sessions allow you to be exposed to expert training as well as the opportunity to learn from your peers.

Receive tailored coaching sessions

Stay on track through “as it happens” deal management, weekly coaching sessions and accountability. Don’t leave your success to chance.

Book a coaching session

Want to get a taste of what it's like to be an Atlas agent? Book a free coaching session with one of our sales leaders.